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Originally, the phrase “ups-a-daisy” was uttered by parents as an exclamation when tossing a child playfully into the air or when encouraging him to get up after a fall. Nowadays, we often hear it as “whoopsie daisy” or “oopsie daisy,” […]

Shiny New Things

Just about everyone gets something new during the holiday season. Sometimes it’s exactly what we wanted, and we love it and use it all year long. Sometimes it’s exactly what we wanted, but it turns out not to be as […]

An MRI for $500, Please

For years we’ve been able to “shop” for health care insurance coverage — whether for individual policies or among different options offered by an employer. But if there’s one thing that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has […]

Birth of the Phoenix

It can be from our dissatisfaction that we often get the motivation to do something new. That is one of the themes conveyed by Wharton professor G. Richard Shell in his book, “Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success.” According […]

The Role of Uncertainty

Remember trying out for a sports team, or the high school play? Remember waiting to get your acceptance letter from the colleges where you applied? Remember that feeling that you couldn’t move forward, you couldn’t make plans … until you […]