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Shutting Down the Forest, But Not the Trees

It is with both wide-eyed interest and pit-of-stomach disgust that Americans have watched the political shenanigans and subsequent impact played out during the U.S. government shut down.  The whole strategy is reminiscent of watching a person trying to cut corners […]

Washington D.C.: Showdowns, Shutdowns, Lockdowns and Touchdowns

Hollywood has to work pretty hard to steal headlines from the political ballyhoo and drama in the capital city recently. As for the showdown, the debt ceiling vote was seemingly taken hostage by politicians wanting to make a political statement […]

Health Care Insurance Shopping Lowdown

The Health Care Insurance Exchanges are now open, and you have between now and March 1, 2014, to purchase a new health care insurance plan during the open enrollment period. Rest assured, if you experience a life-altering event, such as […]

Retiring to a Place or a State of Mind?

Work in the modern age has become more virtual — meaning many people can conduct their jobs from home or on the road, thanks to smart phones, laptops and iPads. We used to refer to work as a place, as […]